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Transport tickets for “Mosgortrans”.

“Mosgortrans” is the main Moscow passenger ground transport operator and the major in Europe. Every working day more than 5.8 million people (which is about 37% of total city passenger traffic) use ground public transport when “Mosgortrans” has about 7000 vehicles serving 801 routes in Moscow. 

Project tasks

Before 2015 ground Moscow transport tickets were mainly with magnetic strip. In parallel it was possible to use RFID Unified tickets (both for land transport and underground) and luggage tickets. Despite the decrease in the number of stowaways (99,7% of the passengers pay), the ability to accurately count the number of benefit-entitled citizens and the ability to introduce tickets for multiple trips, the use of magnetic stripe tickets increased boarding time by several times. Improving the quality of the passenger service, optimizing the functioning of the infrastructure and improving its efficiency are relevant to any large transport company. That is why “Mosgortrans” has plans to displace magnetic strip tickets by RFID tickets – it will reduce boarding time, minimize the risk of tickets damaging and provide “Mosgortrans” with additional opportunities to improve the quality of the service. Te use of smart card eliminates the possibility of forgery: a unique serial number assigned to each chip during the manufacturing process at “Mikron”.


Thanks to full-cycle RFID tickets production (from chip manufacturing to the final product) organized at “Mikron” all the requirements of “Mostransavto” to supply RFID tickets were promptly executed. In July 2015 “Mikron” signed a contract with “Mosgortrans” for a delivery of 12 million RFID tickets in three months. These RFID tickets contain developed by “Mikron” chip MIK64PTAS (K5016XC1H4) made using 180nm topology with 640 bits of programmable memory. Guaranteed information storage period is 5 years. The chip is fully compliant with ISO 14443A: sensing range of the card is not more than 10 cm from the surface of the terminal equipment and a standard reading time is not more than 1 second. The protection against forgery provides by a unique 7-byte serial number that is assigned on the hardware level to the IC of the ticket at the stage of its manufacturing.


The use of “Mikron” RFID tickets solves all the problems facing "Mosgortrans" in terms of improving the quality of passenger service, enabling the carrier to completely abandon the ticket with a magnetic strip. Implementation of the RFID tickets will also let "Mosgortrans" to collect reliable statistics on passenger traffic for planning routes.