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Highly-protected dual-interface microprocessor for Russian Universal Electronic Citizen Card


 The universal electronic card (UEC) is a project of the national scale to launch a single electronic identity document that provides access to a wide range of e-government, municipal and commercial services of the Federal and regional level in the areas of pension, health insurance, transport, taxation, payments and other The UEC is designed to improve the quality, speed and transparency of citizen interaction with government authorities and agencies in obtaining information or services.

MIK51SC72D: dual interface one-chip microprocessor with cryptography support

  • For banking smart-cards, multi-purpose national cards, ID cards, protected identification systems, access systems 
  • Dual interface: contact ISO 7816, contactless ISO 14443A/B
  • ROM 384 Kbyte; RAM 8 Kbyte; EEPROM 72 Kbyte; Java Card 3.0.4 Classic Edition, M/Chip 4, MoC technology
  • Both international and Russian crypto standards supported (DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-256, RSA up to 2048-bit, EC-DSA, GOST 28147; 34-11; Р34.10-2001)
  • Electronic digital signature support 
  • EMVco & MasterCard certified