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Transport tickets for high-speed Olympic train “Lastochka” in Sotchi

  • Mikron supplied the RFID tags for visitors’ and participants’ IDs issued for the Sochi 2014 Olympics 
  • RFID transport cards and tickets were produced to allow passengers to board the high-speed train “Lastochka” (Swallow) that connected Sochi and other nearby cities with the Olympic park 
  • Today RFID cards and tickets for “Lastochka” are used for fare collection in Sochi regional rail network 

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

  • 7-23rd February 2014 
  • 3,000 athletes and 3,000 other participants from 88 countries 
  • 1+ million visitors during the games in Sochi and more than 3 billion people watching from home 
  • 363 buildings (re)/ constructed, 18 of them sporting facilities