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31 students from 5 Higher Educational Institutions have interned at the Research Institute for Molecular Electronics and “Mikron”

In this academic year the students from the National University of Electronic Technology, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian State University for the Humanities, College of Communications, the Polytechnic College attended the production and pre-graduation practice in the laboratories, production facilities and functional departments of the Research Institute for Molecular Electronics and "Mikron”.  

Interns have worked in various departments of: production, IT, development marketing, treasury, accounting, HR. During the practice students got an insight into the production processes of the microelectronic enterprise, the products of "Mikron" and the specifics of the market, acquired the necessary skills for future work. The practice was conducted under the guidance of experienced specialists from “Mikron” and the Research Institute for Molecular Electronics, ready to show all the production nuances and answer any questions.

“Attraction of young specialists to the company is an important direction of work of our HR department. Taking students to practice, we not only introduce them to the future profession and help them to develop their practical skills, but we also form the personnel reserve, creating all the necessary conditions to attract competent and promising graduates to the ranks of employees, "said Morozov Oksana, HR Director.

Student practices and internships are held annually, since 2000 more than 400 students of Russian universities have visited the Research Institute for Molecular Electronics and "Mikron". The HR department of "Mikron" also carries out work on the career guidance for students from senior classes of schools and students from profile universities. During the academic year 2016-2017 were organized such traditional events as "Fair of Vacancies", "Day of Mikron", Open days and Excursions to the production facilities.

For all those who wish to visit “Mikron”, regular excursions are organized. The closest date for the event is August 21, 2017, you can sign up here