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Monday at Mikron: For Professionals And Non-Professionals

Students from specialized high schools, professionals in microelectronics and related industries, non-professionals intersted in high-technology visited the Mikron’s open excursion on the 21 of August, 2017.   

Some comments from the visitors: “We saw the working enterprise «MCST and Mikron» and understood what it was like to" break through", buy, install, connect, find markets and train people”, said Djamadin, expert in electronics. “Everything is very accessible and easy-to-understand – also for those people, who are very far from the world of microelectronics.  It was especially great to get acquainted with the “filling” of those things that we use regularly and daily: bank cards, travel tickets and so on. I hope that the production will be successfully developed and it will be visited by many residents and visitors of the city”, - Maria, the museum of Zelenograd.

Regular excursions have been held from June, 2017. The next date is the 18th of September. Link for registration