Full cycle RFID tag and antenna development, from design to mass production.


Mikron offers a full range of services in RFID prototyping, including antenna design. A specialized RFID lab was established at Mikron in 2010.
Its main focus area is design of finished or semi-finished products, such as inlays, adhesive labels, tags and smart cards. Full design cycle for a tag, (adhesive) label or smart card can be accomplished within 1.5 months, including an antenna delivery when it is required.
Since the implementation of the RFID lab, over 100 different RFID products have been developed by Mikron to save customers development expenses and verification time. 

Examples of tasks performed by Mikron RFID lab: 
  • Specification development for new items and customization of existing ones: tags, labels, smart cards, antenna design. Development is done with certified development software (CST Studio Suite, Ansoft HFSS, AWR Design Environment). Mikron consults the customer on technology, materials, shape, dimensions, etc. of the product
  • Tag and antenna development for HF and UHF tags in various applications
  • Тag performance calculation and simulation with certified software
  • Prototype development and manufacturing
  • Testing via usage environment simulation. Measurement of RF-characteristics at every production stage. Best of class measuring and testing equipment (Agilent, Micropross, Voyantic, R&S). RF measurements are done within echo-suppressing environment.
  • Preparation for mass-production
The Mikron RFID lab has broad experience in product design using a wide range of crystals, such as:

  • HF: NXP – Mifare Ultralight, ICode, Mifare 1K, NTag (NFC); Infenion – Mydmove;
  • UHF: Impinj Monza 3/4/5, NXP UCODE G2XL, G2iL, 7;